Nokia still in top five list at some markets

When Nokia Mobile returned the Nokia brand to the smartphone market, the predictions of the sales were placing the brand in the top five most popular brands in many markets. The first year was pretty much looking great and the sales numbers went high. During the last two years, the Nokia brand plummeted rapidly which makes it hard to find a market where Nokia is among the top five brands. You would be surprised to know that there are some markets where people still believe in the once-powerful brand and where Nokia as a brand is still doing fine.

Well, according to the results of Canalys for Croatia, or the Croatian market which is not that big, Nokia is holding a fourth place among the top five brands in Q1 2021. Well, as in many other countries, the top spot is reserved for Samsung and Xiaomi which is expected, and those two brands are dominating the market. The third-place goes to Apple with 6% of market share and the fourth place with 4% of market share took Nokia. The fifth place is proudly taken by General mobile, and I really don’t know how since I know just one person that is using a GM phone.

Nokia X20
Nokia X20 is full of surprises

Anyways, I also know just a few people that are using Nokia smartphones, but a lot of them are still hanging onto their old Nokia which is now given to kids, or are buying newer Nokia feature phones. But, Canalys did the estimate on smartphones, which means that Croatians are buying Nokia 5.3. or 3.4 which are mostly available in stores, even though not so many of them. Operators in Croatia are generally not offering Nokia smartphones, and Nokia 8.3 5G never came to this market due to lack of their interest.

While Xiaomi and Samsung are doing great promotional campaigns in Croatia which secured them the duopoly, it is good to see Nokia on the Canalys data. It is now rare to see it in the top five, or holding 4% of the market share, but with smart future announcements, there is a chance for a comeback.

Update – Nokia is not in the top five in EU anymore. It is funny to see who profited the most from the Huawei’s fall. Similar trend was going on with Nokia and Samsung back in the days.