Nokia holds first place in the number of 5G patents

The might of Nokia wasn’t in the smartphones, or the networking business now but was always in the ingenuity of the people working there, especially those that can bring new technologies to the market. Nokia that we used to know, lives in licensing deals now, but Nokia is still getting a lot from its Technology department. This department is responsible for bringing new technologies and solutions to the market. But, next to the ingenuity of the people working there, constant investments in R&D are also important, since all new technologies cost money.

Nokia has increased its investments in the 5G, which strengthened its patent portfolio in this business segment. This made Nokia become ranked as number one in 2019 by the independent study created by PA Consulting. The great news is coming from PA Consulting, which did the study again and confirmed Nokia’s first position in 5G Standard Essential Patents. Nokia has been ranked again number one for essential patents for cellular standards, which are including 5G.

Nokia was always investing a lot in R&D, and since the year 2000, those investments are heavier than €130 billion. In the last 20 years, Nokia gathered an impressive portfolio that consists of around 20,000 patent families that include over 3,500 patent families declared essential to 5G.

All those patents are not kept away from the industry since Nokia stands to open standards of its inventions in return for the right to license them on FRAND terms. That way, companies can use the needed patents without the need to make their R&D investments.