Nokiamob is a 9 year old blog!

The pandemic changed the world and how we are perceiving it, but the only thing that didn’t change is the human need to be connected. And in that connected world we are living now there is a blog called NokiaMob that is turning nine :).

It feels like it was yesterday when the Nokia world was crumbling, shaken by the drastic changes that happened in the ever unstable smartphone market. The brand was unjustly ignored by mainstream media, which set me on a journey that brought Nokiamob to life. Many things have changed since 2012, but the blog is still powered by good folks that are giving their free time to pass the info and thoughts about all things from Nokia and ex-Nokia world, and also the good folks that are reading the stories we are pushing.

This past year was a game-changer for Nokiamob since the Gods of Google had mercy on the blog and let us reach one million unique monthly readers, which is a fantastic achievement for a blog that is mainly powered by goodwill and Nokia’s ever connecting spirit.

Most of the readers are coming from India, but there is a lot of readers that are situated in the US, UK, and Europe. We are also seeing a lot of readers coming from the African continent, and even holy people in the Vatican are checking the blog. The only country still resisting us is North Korea, which makes us all sad :). Our readers are young, predominantly male of age between 25 and 34, but who are considered to 15% of girls that are reading the blog.

So, Nokiamob started as, which was written in the Croatian language. Stipe joined the board not long after I started it, and later Milorad and Zlatko enriched the team with their posts. After the sales of Nokia devices and Services department, we continued following the existing Nokia and later Microsoft Lumia brand but also turned to some new stuff that emerged from Nokia like Jolla, Nokia technologies, and Nokia health departments. But, when Microsoft added the final nail to the coffin, we changed the approach and started the English version of the blog back in 2016, which is now pretty much active and keeping the Nokiamob name alive. 

8.3 5G now with Android 11
8.3 5G now with Android 11

The past year was hard for many, and the Nokia smartphone brand too, but in those lockdown times we saw a brink of light in new writers, super cool dudes also known as Indranil, JK, and Abdulla that joined the blog for reasons known only to them. I’m grateful for knowing them and thankful for devoting their time and skills to this blog that still is powered by pure will, and nothing else. I should also mention our great benefactor Krešo from the partner site who selflessly offered us his servers when the expenses were too high for Nokiamob to continue running.

While we are still cantered to the Nokia and ex-Nokia world, you should be seeing a bit more changes in the coming times since we’ll be focusing more on some other stuff.

Anyways, I also need to thank you dear readers that are still finding Nokiamob a nice place to spend your time, share your thoughts in the comments and constantly search for new topics, and share interesting stories or news with us through the TipUs page. I’m also grateful for your imaging talent and all the shared photos on our Twitter account. Thank you for being with us on social networks like Facebook,  Instagram, and Youtube. Without your active participation, this blog would be empty and hollow, so big thanks for the support over the years. You folks rock big time!


Do take care of yourself and stay safe. And, if you feel lonely and disconnected, know that you are all welcomed to the Nokia world.


P.S. once I’ll tell you why there is a cake every for every Nokiamob birthday, which is gone by the way 🙂