A few Nokia X20 Hands-on videos

A couple of bloggers and reviewers managed to get their hands on the top model Nokia Mobile announced on the LoveTrustKeep event. Tech Spurt, Trusted reviews and Ahmad Boarki did a hands-on video of Nokia X20, or what Nokia Mobile presents as the best that smartphone industry has to offer. Of course, we saw the affordable part of what industry is offering and are still waiting for Nokia’s best. Anyways, tubers went through the retail box, design and software of the device.

Do check out the device. 

Tech Spurt

Trusted Reviews 

Ahmad Boarki


Funnily, I liked the original name of the dual camera shooting mode, or Bothie. I don’t know why Nokia Mobile decided to ditch that name. The reason could be because many pronounced it as Booty?


Do share your comments of the device