Juho Sarvikas staying with Nokia brand

Not so long ago, Juho Sarvikas announced that after 15 years, he will be leaving Nokia brand after being connected with it for the past 15 years. The news about the change in the top management of HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets, struck the Nokia community hard.

Juho was a spokesperson of the brand, the most protruded member of the Finnish startup, and respected and liked in the community. His stepping down left the company without the Chief Product Officer, which left no choice for the management other than to start searching for the new one.

Our sources close to the top of the Nokia Mobile, and Juho himself in an unofficial chat, said that the top candidate was a person that used to work with the Nokia brand back in 2012, and who was responsible for the transformation of the Nokia brand. This person would be ideal for HMD Global, because the complete transformation of the product portfolio and marketing strategy is necessary, and according to the source, that person can do just that.

The source didn’t mention the name, but rather said the person is a Canadian and used to work for both Nokia and Microsoft Mobile, and that he has experience in leading roles.
Well, if you ask me, only one person fits this profile well, and if this becomes true, the Nokia brand as we know it could really be transformed completely, but transformed in a manner of characters in Avengers Infinity War.

After hearing this, Juho decided to stay in Nokia Mobile till the end of the contract that HMD Global signed with Nokia. Additionally, he told us that he has great plans for the brand and will try to work closely with Chinese partners, Google and Qualcomm to develop more competent Nokia smartphones and Nokia accessories that will raise the brand to another level.