Android 11 released for Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia Mobile was planning to release Android 11 for Nokia 8.3 5G back in Q4 2020, but that happened today. Android 11 is officially released for Nokia 8.3 5G making it the first Nokia smartphone to get the latest version of Android OS.

The update is not yet available in all regions, and will be released in phases.

For example, it is still not available here in EU, but it is available in the UAE. Nokia Mobile did send us a press release explaining that the roll out officially started but will be coming to the UK mid-February. While monthly security updates are arriving in a regular timeline, larger OS updates are a bit late, so this news is pretty much welcomed.

Android 11 is bringing to Nokia 8.3 5G and in future to other eligible Nokia a better conversation management, improved hey Google assistant and auto reset permissions to  apps that are using your personal information.

Anyways, do check out your Nokia 8.3 for the update availability. This means that the users of Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 5.3 are next on the update list since those devices are seen on Geekbench running the Android 11.


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