Nokia 3.1 receiving new security patch

I always thought about how well designed the original Nokia 3 was until I saw Nokia 3.1 in that copper accent. I still like how Nokia Mobile gives a nice design to the 3 series, which makes them special in a way. They could also make them even more special by pushing out a January 2021 security patch to them, but it seems that December is good enough.

Nokia 3.1 devices just started receiving the December security patch. The update is 58.54 MB large and should be available around the world.

I don’t know how are things going on for the rest of the devices from the series 3, but the last one, the Nokia 3.4, is still running the October 2020 security update. Is it the same for most of you that are running the new Nokia 3?

Thanks Esko for the tip and screenshot 😉


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