New Nokia branded products can be expected in 2021

When was the last time you thought of Ericsson or maybe Cisco? The answer could very well be a long time ago for many folks, and one of the reasons for that is the lack of a brand ecosystem that is responsible for brand awareness. Nokia has a really powerful brand, mostly thanks to consumer products, less because of networking infrastructure and solutions. With the collapse of the Devices and Services department, the Nokia brand was on a verge of collapse too, but the brand licensing programs and a bit of internal product development saved it from being forgotten as Siemens or Ericsson brand for consumers.

Nokia is bringing its name back to mass consumer products, and now we have Nokia smartphones and smartphone accessories, very good Nokia WiFi Beacons, cool Nokia audio accessories, Nokia TVs, laptops and Android StreamBoxes already available on the market. Soon folks in India will be able to install a rather intelligent Nokia air-conditioning unit in their homes thanks to Flipkart, and also have the opportunity to use daily the whole series of Nokia products in their homes. Something tells me that the expansion of the Nokia brand won’t stop there.

In a blog post, the Head of Nokia Brand Partnerships, Vipul Mehrotra, mentioned the good licensing job Nokia did in the past year. He also announced that we’ll be seeing a lot more Nokia branded products from current and some new partners, which is interesting. So far, all or almost all Nokia branded products are good quality products since Nokia requires a certain level of quality to be reached for every product its logo is being engraved or printed on. This is maybe the most important part of all the brand licensing deals because the end-users will notice quite quickly if the product doesn’t meet the quality level they expect to see from a Nokia product.

Maybe it is the right time to have Nokia 5G enabled fridge, dishwasher, smart vacuum cleaner and the rest of products. I know my hard tail bike would fancy a new pair of tires 🙂


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