Nokia 8 V 5G UW assembly and disassembly videos

Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 8 V 5G might have a lot of similarities, but there are some differences that make the Verizon’s exclusive a unique phone. Nokia 8 V supports mmWave besides the rest of 5G bands, and there is also a support for larger SD cards and a programmable assistant button. But, underneath the phones look pretty much the same. here is the disassembly and reassembly video of Nokia 8 V 5G UW uploaded by Techno Rabin YT channel.

Disassembly video

There seems to be a lot of screws and glue used to make 8 V tough as a tank. I had a chance of dropping my Nokia 8.3 5G, and the only one crying was the floor. Not a scratch was left on the phone, which is astonishing. It would be nice to see JerryRigEverything torture video of either 8.3 5G or 8 V 5G.

In case you want to assemble the device, here is the assembly video too.



Cheers to Techno Rabin for the tip and the links ;).