Nokia 8.3 5G vs Sony Xperia 1 II camera comparison

What do you get when you combine a Nokia fan, a smartphone lover, and a camera enthusiast? You get a Youtube channel full of camera comparisons between Nokia and other flagship phones from various manufacturers that no one else would do. Well, maybe Abdulla would. WillItBeatNokia did another ice camera comparison video, but this tie between Nokia 8.3 5G and Sony Xperia 1 II. A lot was expected from Sony’s Xperia 1 II camera, especially since some exclusive Zeiss tech was used to get superb shots, but the camera just didn’t deliver.

When you check the compared photos, you can easily deduce that Nokia 8.3 5G has the best camera that Nokia mobile ever put in its smartphone. While 8.3 5G tends to oversharpen the photos, especially when HDR is used, it did a better job in delivering nicer, more natural-looking photos than Xperia 1 II.

It seems that all the nagging about the lousy night shots finally gave the fans a decent low light photography with Nokia 8.3 5G. And, Nokia 8.3 5G can deliver good, well compared to all the previous models, but there is a lot of place for improvement since you can notice a lot of noise in the photos if the light is really low and HDR used (the quality of the photo lost in reduction and manipulation to add red circles that sot the problems).

Anyway, what do you think of this camera fight? Zeiss against Zeiss. Do share your thoughts in the comments.