Nokia 8.3 5G offered by Telia in Sweden

The largest Swedish telecommunication carrier Telia got Nokia 8.3 5G in its offer. The phone is out of stock currently, probably not because of the flash sales, and all the folks looking for this kind of smartphone can expect is back in stock on September 30. Telia is offering Nokia 8.3 5G for 120 SEK per 36 months, which is around ÔéČ410. This price if for the 128GB version of 8.3, and if you opt for a subscription and 36 months payment, but if you choose the direct payment and no subscription, the price goes up substantially.
Nokia 8.3 is slowly showing up on various markets, and it is good to see it in Sweeden too, where people could appreciate the nordic design of the device and a polar night color. Well, that is the only one available but looks super cool.

If you are interested in Telia’s offer, do check it here.

Thanks johala02 for the tip ­čśë