Video: Nokia 9.3 | Let’s speculate!

9.3 fan render by Ben Geskin

If there is a series of phones that’s always been highly anticipated and almost never arriving on time, it has to be Nokia Mobile’s Nokia 9 series of devices. This year, Nokia Mobile wanted to break the mold and try and release a high-end flagship device before next year’s high-end processor from Qualcomm gets announced. Enter the Nokia 9.3, the flagship we have all been waiting for since the release of the Nokia 9 back in April 2019.

So, what can we expect from this device? This is what I wanted to cover in my video, to see if it can live up to some of our hopes. You can watch the video below:


So here are my expectations of what the specs of the Nokia will have:

Nokia 9.3

  • Display: 6.8″ | 2k resolution | 120hz | P-OLED | Under display camera
  • Internals: SD 865 | Adreno 650
  • Cameras: 108 Mp main | 12 Mp ultra-wide | 64 Mp telephoto | 5 Mp depth
  • Video: 8k/30fps
  • Memory: 256 Gb UFS 3.0 | 8 Gb RAM
  • Battery: 4500 mAh
  • Colors: Green (Similar to 8.3) | Copper
  • Price: $899 est.
  • Availability: November 2020

The Nokia 9 series of devices is a heavy burden to carry on any brand. This is a series of devices that always brought innovative features to the smartphone world. Devices like the N90, with its swiveling display and optical zoom. The N91, the first phone to support a 3.5mm with full audio tuning. There there is the E90, a true pocket computer for its time. We can’t forget the N95, a true powerhouse that perfected smartphones before touchscreens were the norm. Or the N9, with its groundbreaking design that kickstarted the Fabula design language at Nokia. Devices like the Lumia 920, which brought Optical Image Stabilization to smartphone cameras, wireless charging, a 60Hz display, and a capacitive touchscreen that worked with gloves.

This is what we fans are used to expecting, and let us hope Nokia Mobile can deliver. Nokia Mobile did a nice experiment with Nokia 9 PureView but when the device was launched, it felt like it needs another year of software developement and polishing. Anyway, if Nokia Mobile does it right this time, the next Nokia 9 could also be an opportunity to set up the brand as the new OnePlus. A flagship killer device that undercuts the competition in pricing. Let’s see.

Anyways, what kind of features are you looking forward to? Which feature do you think is required for this device to succeed or leave a mark? Let’s discuss in the comments down below.

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