Video: Why I love the Nokia Originals

2720 left, 8110 middle, 5310 right

While the public’s attention usually goes to flagship devices and “flagship” killers these days, Nokia Mobile has tried creating hype for the Nokia brand by reimagining some popular classics from the glory days and recreating them into modern feature phones. This strategy helps carry the brand back into the spotlight for the short term, and it does help the brand gather some critical attention from media outlets. Nokia Mobile still hasn’t managed to fully capitalize on this by offering world-beating flagship smartphones, but with the recent news of much-needed cash being invested into the brand, I remain hopeful.

Anyways, I created a video talking about the 3 most recent attempts in the Nokia originals series, the Nokia 8110 “banana phone from the matrix”, the Nokia 5310 “Xpress Music”, and the Nokia 2720 “flip”. I tried not to focus on the specs very much, but to give my impressions on the design, with a focus on the nostalgia. You can check it out here:


So what do you guys think of the Nokia originals so far? Do you think it’s a clever marketing strategy that has the potential to carry the brand forward assuming ultra-competitive smartphones arrive or is it a cheap cash grab that might dilute the brand and ruin the reputation of the original devices? Also, would you like to see a smartphone grade original with a cool form factor? Something like a flip device running on android, targeted at the mid-range market? Or maybe a classic like the N95, N8 or N9 revived? Please Xpress your opinions below!