Did HMD’s CPO just tease a new Nokia Originals phone?

Michael Fisher, also known as MrMobile, has this new quarantine series on his YouTube channel called, “When Phones Were Fun.” It’s a big hit for us subscribers. Most especially for those who actually experienced the decade when these phones were like the talk of the town. Of course, the series didn’t run out of Nokia phones. After all, Nokia has led the mobile world for over a decade, producing some of the most exciting, and weirdest mobile phones ever in tech history.

Now that it is back in the market, Nokia-brand licensee Nokia Mobile has been bringing back some of the legendary feature phones from this era with a modern touch. It was fun. However, after the Nokia 8110 4G and Nokia 2720 Flip, the Nokia Originals lineup (as what Nokia Mobile calls it) seems to have started losing its magic?

Nokia Mobile just announced that Juho Sarvikas is being appointed as Vice President for North America. Unlike in Asia, there is really little competition in the North American market. With proper product lineup, the Nokia-brand could find a great chance of success in the United States. Especially, with business partners just around the corner. Sarvikas’ refocus in North America also means some of the announced Nokia products like the Nokia 8.3 5G will soon be available in the region.

Now back to MrMobile.

In one of Juho’s tweets, the “tech influencer” (sorry about that Michael) out of nowhere mentioned about the Nokia 3650 reboot. Nokia Mobile’s CPO then replied on a tweet, asking for a collab saying, “I think phones are still fun”, joking about that ongoing MrMobile series.

To those of you who are not familiar with this phone, see the photo below. One of my older cousins had one of these before, and while it does look weird, and funny, I have great memories of it. It does take decent photos too, as I remember.


Nokia 3650, photo courtesy of Tolek Banan via YouTube.

While Juho’s reply may just merely be a joke, fans like us would really buy that idea. I mean, if the current Nokia Originals lineup doesn’t live up to the fans’ expectation, why not do a collab with a man who knows which phones were used to be fun, right?

What’s your thought about this? Let us know in the comments below.

Additional Note:

Our featured photo of the “Nokia 3660” render was taken from Turbosquid.