Nokia 5.3 available in Ireland, Slovakia and Czech Republic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all global companies experienced some form of disruption in their supply chain, and so did Nokia Mobile, with the new Nokia devices announced in March 2020. The Nokia 5.3 is already available in many markets and with each day the list goes larger, while we are still waiting for the 8.3 5G to hit the shelves.

With the start of a new week, Nokia 5.3 became available in three more European countries that include Republic of Ireland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

In Ireland, as TechBuzzIreland reports, the 5.3 is offered by Argos for 179.99 euro (204 dollars, 15,380 INR) and by Littlewoods for 194 euro (220 dollars, 16,577 INR).

Interesting fact, 30 years ago Slovakia and Czech Republic where one country, so it makes sense in some way that the device became available in both markets on the same day. A smarter explanation is that both countries are part of EU single market and Nokia Mobile probably has the same distributor covering both countries. Anyways, the Nokia 5.3 in Slovakia goes on sale for a recommended price of 199 euro for the 4GB/64GB version in cyan, reports techbox. In Czechia, the same memory variant in the same color is available at selected retailers for CZK 5,399, which is around 200 euro, writes dotekomanie.

While our review unit arrived, we still are waiting the Nokia 5.3 to go on sale in Croatia. In other countries as well. Nokia Mobile already teased a “made in India” Nokia 5.3 for the Indian market, but we are still waiting on sale start there.