Video: What does Nokia mobile need to do to succeed?

Nokia 8 Sirocco, HMD’s first flagship

It is no secret that since the return of Nokia mobile to the phone market in 2017 on the hands of HMD global, things haven’t been going perfectly smoothly. And while they have managed to release an impressive number of handsets that cover the whole mobile market spectrum in terms of price and specifications, the brand has been struggling to increase their piece of the pie in an ultra-competitive mobile market, mainly dominated by Chinese brands that offer unparalleled value for money, even going as far as selling phones at cost to gain market share.

For us fans, the Nokia brand has a giant legacy that needs to be filled. Things such as imaging, top of the line hardware and design, and plenty of different unique options that made the brand so special in the past have prominently started disappearing slowly, with the newer generation of buyers looking elsewhere to fulfill their smartphone needs.

So the question is, how can HMD global make the Nokia phone brand great again? This was my reasoning for creating this video, in which I discuss from my personal point of view what has been working well, and what hasn’t been, and offering solutions from the perspective of a fan. Please watch the video below:


So what do you guys think about the strategy HMD global has been following since early 2017? Do you think its working, but just needs more time or do you think a radical direction change is needed to revive the Nokia mobile brand? I know this is a sensitive topic so let’s try to keep it civil and productive. Let us know what you think.