Nokia 5.3 is coming to Malaysia, reveals certification

Nokia 5.3 was announced globally this year on March 19. And, after getting certified in Canada on April 14, Nokia 5.3 also passed the certification process in Malaysia on April 16. The variant that got certified is TA-1234.

The certificate reveals that TA-1234 is a dual SIM variant of Nokia 5.3. It also mentions the network and communication specifications, but one thing that does not seem correct in the certificate is the expiry date. The date mentioned is 15 July 2020, and that brings down the validity to just 3 months. Maybe it is a typing mistake, and the actual expiry date is 15 July 2021, but in general, the certificates remain valid for about 1 year, so we cannot say the actual date for sure.

Previously, the Canadian certificate had revealed the SAR value of the device, which is 0.97 W/kg against the body and 1.03 W/kg against the head, which is well below the ICNIRP SAR limit of 2.0 W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue, for mobile devices. Anyway, the other specifications are there in the datasheet.

Lately, Nokia 5.3 has been garnering certificates from different countries across the world, which means the device is now ready to go on sale in those markets, and soon, people will get to see the device in the stores.