Nokia 3.1 Plus now getting April Security patch

Nokia 3.1 Plus

For a long time, Nokia 3.1 Plus users has been complaining about the late security patches their devices receives. In fact, starting this year, the security patches for the Nokia 3.1 Plus has always been about a month late. This also doesn’t sound like a good timing since the COVID-19 pandemic still lingers in other corners of the world. Fortunately, Nokia Mobile developers are back and has started working with the updates again.

Some Nokia 3.1 Plus users in Portugal reportedly started getting a security patch update for the month of April. The new update weighs around 95MB, and doesn’t come with anything extra aside from few minor fixes in device’s security. This new update could also hint the impending release of Android 10 for the device since it was set in between the Q1 and Q2 of 2020 — following the update resched because of the pandemic.

Again, we didn’t know which country will this first roll-out. So if you have a Nokia 3.1 Plus, and has been notified of the update, feel free to share with us in the comments down below.

Shout-out to Hugo for the tip. ?