Feature idea: Creative watermarks for Nokia smartphones

Photography is probably the most important thing nowadays in smartphones, at least looking at the media coverage it gets. If you look at the Nokia Mobile Twitter or Instagram feeds, you could see great pictures taken with Nokia devices.


An interesting suggestion came from Twitter, why not make the watermarks on Nokia smartphones more unique? When you take a picture, in settings you can turn the option of including the watermark, phone’s name, in the picture. These watermarks don’t need to be just names of the smartphones, but could also be more creative as Abraham suggested.

I tested it on photo taken in Barcelona (full disclosure: it wasn’t shot on a Nokia 9 PureView) and it looks neat, at least to me. Having the graphical representation of the phone there looks less boring than having just the name. Abraham also made an example with the Nokia 5.


Considering Nokia Mobile is talking a lot about the design of Nokia smartphones, this might be a good way in promoting both the design and camera capabilities. I’m not sure how technically difficult it is to implement this, but more advanced users can right now download or create their styled watermark (as a .png transparent file) and using mobile apps or desktop apps add it to the picture.


If you have some thoughts how to expand on this idea or new feature ideas, we are glad to see them in the comments down below. 🙂