Nokia 1.3 (TA-1207) listed in the US in Cyan and Charcoal colors for 99 dollars

Nokia Mobile should very soon reveal new devices, considering the number of leaks we had about one of them, the Nokia 1.3, the last few days. After hearing that Nokia Mobile could skip the “.2” naming and jump to Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 8.3 for new devices, known US retailer B&H listed the unannounced Nokia 1.3 on their website.


The Nokia 1.3 will be available via B&H in Cyan, a signature Nokia color in the Lumia age, and charcoal, according to their webstore. The price is set at 99 US dollars. Specifications or delivery date can’t be found on B&H’s website, so we will have to patient for at least few more days to learn everything about the Nokia 1.3.

Hopefully, rest of the devices that were planned for MWC, like the new Original, Nokia 8.2/8.3 or Nokia 5.2/5.3 will soon be announced as well.

Thanks kek for the tip. 🙂