Video: Nokia improved its Teclo AI, Nokia AVA

Back in 2017, Nokia announced Nokia AVA, a smart database powered by AI. The main purpose of AVA is to keep the networks of the future failproof. Nokia AVA is able to predict the failure of the system up to 14 days before it happens. Nokia even created Nokia MIKA, a digital assistant that is based on the AVA AI-powered database. Now Nokia further improved AVA and created Nokia AVATelco AI Ecosystem which is actually a pre-trained AI software that can be installed off the shelf in the operator’s system. Algorithms and models used are powered by Nokia Bell Labs. AI can automate technical processes, predict the issues, and take some load from the engineers (hopefully not get them fired). Nokia AVA has already been used by Netflix to reduce loading time or Three networks to improve spectral efficiency.

Do check the promo video by Nokia to further understand what AVA is and what it can do.

Next time when you are doing a Netflix and chill session, know that Nokia AVA is making everything smooth 😉


Cheers Usernew54 for the tip ?