Video: Nokia developed a tsunami warning system for Sendai, Japan

One of the things that amaze me with all the new networking technologies is the creation of end to end solution by manufacturers that give this new technology a meaning. When 5G was announced, most of the people were thinking only about the higher download speeds, but there is much more to 5G than just high-speed internet. Nokia was always great in giving meaning to new technologies and with every technological progress, Nokia shows a usage potential of that shiny new tech. Nokia always cherished innovation, and you can see that the company is investing a lot in that. They just published a new video that shows how Nokia Innovations enabled a tsunami warning system in Sendai, Japan. By using a connected network and drones that both were developed by Nokia, Sendai first responders will help people much quicker and take them to safety before the devastating tsunami hits the shores.
Check the video below.

Need to borrow one drone with a loudspeaker and send messages to Nokia Mobile at MWC2020 like we demand better night shots, nokia fitness tracker and so on :).