Withings ScanWatch is new hybrid watch from the French company

Withings, the French company that used to be the Nokia Health department, announced a new hybrid watch on CES2020.

Withings Scanwatch might very well be the ultimate hybrid watch regarding its numerous features. The watch has a stainless steel body that is coming in 42mm and 38 mm size with standard bands. The front is protected by durable Sapphire glass.

The Scanwatch is a combination of Withings Steel HR and Withings Move ECG but with updated sensors and 30 days of battery life. The watch features 24/7 HR scanning, SpO2 sensor, 3 electrodes for the ECG measurements, and an altimeter for counting floors. You can monitor your vital signs by checking the speed of your puls, detect irregular sinus rhythm over ECG and also detect sleep apnea by monitoring the O2 level during the night. Besides all this, Withings Scanwatch monitors your activities, sleep and can show you notifications from your watch on a PMOLED screen. It isn’t coming with a built-in GPS but rather uses connected GPS that requires a connection to your phone. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters so it will be a great tool for swimmers.


The 38mm Withings ScanWatch will cost $249 (€249), while the 42mm version will set you back for €299, or $299. It is expected in the stores in Q2, but Withings still needs to get all the FCC approvals which may prolong the time of the arrival.

Find more details about the watch at Withings.com.