Nokia Mobile Support: Night Mode coming to Nokia 9 camera with Android 10

We have been hearing about a night mode for Nokia 9 for quite some time. Maybe the reason why this is relatively frequently mentioned is that Nokia 9 gives really good results in daylight conditions, but the night samples aren’t really competitive to other flagship smartphones, unless you tune the settings.


At an inquiry regarding night mode on Nokia9 made by @bobovnikovalek, who also posted a really detailed review of Nokia 9 PureView that we really liked partially because of how detailed it is, Nokia Mobile supported responded that the night mode will be released for the Nokia 9 PureView together with the Android 10 upgrade. The Android 10 upgrade is scheduled to come on Nokia 9 by the end of this year.

The support team doesn’t have a 100% clean trackrecord in responding to users inquiries in the correct way. While the support team, in a sense, does represent the company, this announcement doesn’t carry the same weight as an announcement by a mod via the Community Forum or Nokia Mobile / Juho Sarvikas via Twitter.

I really hope the Android 10 update will bring the needed low light improvements to the Nokia 9 camera, together with other system improvements as well.