Nokia Mobile India started an ad campaign for night shots with Nokia 7.2

Nokia Mobile India started a cute online campaign to show how well is the camera of Nokia 7.2 performing in low light conditions. The campaign started with four videos published on the Nokia Mobile India YouTube account. The name of the video series is Cheeky Geeky Show, where the low light shots are shown on Cyan Green Nokia 7.2. Check out the videos below.

I must say that the videos are not the false advertizing since Nokia 7.2 main camera can snap great low light shots. The only problem is with getting the right focus quickly, but when you do get it, the shots are crisp. Here are a few low light shots that I took with Nokia 7.2. I just downloaded those from Google Photos, so the quality is not the best but will be enough to show how well it handles the low light conditions.

Cheers MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip 😉