Nokia 7.2 against Huawei P30 lite and Realme 5 Pro in a speed test

We still didn’t have a chance to get our hands on Nokia 7.2, but the guy behind the YouTube channel Vy Vo Xuan did. He also managed to get his hands on Huawei P30 lite and Realme 5 Pro, both who have a slightly better processor than the Nokia 7.2. As usual, he did a quick speed comparison between the models, and these two won the battle against the Snapdragon 660 that 7.2 came with.
Here is the comparison between the Nokia 7.2 and Huawei P30 Lite. Nokia 7.2 does look nicer, but Huawei is slightly faster, and around €20 cheaper than the Nokia. While the price is market-specific, Huawei’s Kirin 710 is built in 12 nm process and thus battery efficient, and faster. Check out the video below.


Here goes the second comparison between the 7.2 and Realme 5 Pro.

Realme 6 Pro could be a device that will attract masses since it is affordable and has Snapdragon 712, which is made in the 10nm process and a bit faster than the SD 660 in 7.2. Realme’s camera setup is similar to the one used in 7.2, but 7.2 does have a better selfie shooter.
Check out the video below.

What do you guys think, are you going for a great design and camera, or will you save some money and head for slightly faster Huawei or Realme?