Huawei willing to licence its 5G technology patents to western companies


Huawei is lately under huge pressure due to the United States-China trade dispute. Many technology companies situated in the US can’t be working with Huawei, and that reflected negatively on the sales of its latest smartphones. Huawei won’t be able to use Qualcomm’s chipsets and popular Google apps in future smartphone models. The best example of that is Mate 30, which is going to be announced soon in Munich.
Additionally, many governments around the world refused to use Huawei’s networking infrastructure to build the 5G networks, because of the accusation of Huawei’s infrastructure not being safe, and that Chinese government is using it to spy on western governments. This was beneficial for Nokia and Ericsson, mostly Nokia, which scored many 5G deals around the world.

Because of that, Huawei did a clever move. Zhengfei Ren, the CEO and founder of Huawei, offered the US administration to license the Huawei’s 5G technology to American companies.
The only way for the US to get 5G infrastructure now is by choosing European companies which provide good solutions, but more expensive ones. Huawei is aware of that and is ready to license the entire 5G platform to any American company that would be willing to manufacture it, and eventually install it, and operate it, without Huawei’s tampering.
This way some US-based networking companies could position itself better in the networking market and gain some market share on their own. This would bring some peace and balance in the China, US and Europe trio.

We’ll see how will Nokia react to this. Maybe Finns will buy that US-based company :).


Source Forbes