Official Nokia web store in Russia short of Nokia phones

Nokia Anew tweeted once again that the stock of Nokia devices on the official Nokia store in Russia is depleted once again. The only smartphone available now is Nokia 5.1 Plus which now costs ₽9990, or around €140. All the phones announced at MWC2019 and Nokia 8.1 are currently unavailable. We previously reported that offline stores are also short of Nokia devices. The majority of the phones in Russia is being sold over the offline stores, but now seems that Nokia’s online stores are experiencing the same problems.

The reasons for this might be because of the problems in the supply chain, or the Russian HMD is preordering small batches of Nokia devices. Whatever it is, the Russian market is important for HMD, and this clearly shows that Nokia is a well-respected brand there. If the bad supply chain is a problem, hope that the founder of HMD Global can help. Jean Francois Baril was responsible for the transformation of Nokia Supply Chain into the most respected and agile asset within Nokia. In 2007, Nokia’s supply chain was recognized as the best Supply Chain in the world.