Mattias Burling did a nice video review of Nokia 9 Pureview

Mattias Burling, or previously to old Nokia fans from Lumia era known also as LobbaMobba, published a nice review of Nokia 9 PureView. Once again Mattias did a nicely edited video review where he gave 5 reasons he thinks why mobile phone photography enthusiasts should buy Nokia 9 PureView.
He said that besides the 30% discount he got, the 5 best things about Nokia 9 PureView are Android One, large and sharp OLED display, under the display fingerprint reader (strange right, but now works OK), 128 GB of internal storage, and a great camera (or cameras).

While you might disagree with the first four reasons, but Matthias is an excellent photographer and knows a thing or two about cameras, so his word about 9PV’s camera is valid. Do check his review below.

He said that the JPEG output is not good at all, but the RAW photos that 9 PV creates are great since you can play with them later. The option to shoot in monochrome raw DNG is a superb thing for him, especially since he likes B/W photography. Mattias mentioned that more expensive cameras had that option and this could be of interest to all those who like B/W photography. According to Mattias, the Nokia 9 PureView could be the game-changer for mobile phone photography enthusiasts.

Thanks BM for the tip 😉