Price of the upcoming Nokia 2720 and Nokia 110 in Finland possibly revealed

We are 10 days away from Nokia Mobile’s IFA2019 event in Berlin, where the company will announce new Nokia phones. We should see, according to rumors, three feature phones and three smartphones. The three feature phones are rumored to be a reboot of Nokia 2720, Nokia 110 and a third feature phone, about which we didn’t hear anything in detail thus far.

Nokia 2720, that should be Nokia Mobile’s flagship feature phone for the event, is expected to be pricy. The first rumor indicated that the price of Nokia 2720 should be around 100 euros, while the price of Nokia 110 should be around 30 euros.

Finnish distributor updated their sites in the background including listings for the Nokia 2720 and Nokia 110. The pages for the devices aren’t visible when searching on the site, but you can access them by direct urls putting “/nokia-2720” or “/nokia-110” after the site name.

The price of the devices can’t be found on the site, but Google search displays it in the search snippet when searching for keywords related to Nokia 2720, Nokia 110 and data-systems. The price at data-systems for Nokia 2720 should be 116.30 euros (130 dollars, 9,349 INR), while the Nokia 110 price is displayed as 31.35 euros (35 dollars, 2,520 INR).

If you search for the device at other retailers you might find their product pages, but not the price or details about the specs, at least I didn’t find anything other than that. And that the dual SIM version of Nokia 2720 is TA-1175, while the dual SIM version of Nokia 110 is TA-1192. If you end up finding something interesting, the “Tip us” section is there if you want to share it with us. 🙂