JerryRigEverything dismantles the Nokia 9 PureView

Everyone’s favourite phone destroyer, Zack from JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, got his hands on the Nokia 9 PureView. After doing a durability test of the device, Zack made a teardown of the device revealing the 9’s beauty from the inside and how challenging the device is to fix.


Getting inside the Nokia 9 requires heating up the backside and dealing with an above average amount of glue in smartphones, but luckily there are no important parts located on the edges of the device, so damaging the phone at this stage is unlikely.

After Zack removed the back panel, we can see the 9’s penta less camera setup, NFC and wireless charging foil. There are two plastic parts protecting the motherboard and the camera system above and antenna/microphones below the battery. The two plastics, while screwed, also contain adhesive, making it harder to remove them.

The five camera’s on the 9 are clearly labeled and they are mounted on a metal piece so they are on the same level, which is important because of the way the camera system works. Zack killed the device’s screen while removing the battery, because Nokia Mobile used strong glue instead of pull tabs which would make the battery replacement and screen repair (because the connector is under the battery) more consumer friendly.

In the end, Zack notes that Nokia 9 packs impressive hardware inside, but the fact Nokia Mobile used so much adhesive, especially with the battery, makes the Nokia 9 impossible to recommend from a repair point of view.

It would be really interesting to see a completely clear version of Nokia 9 from Zack’s workshop. We already saw a Captain Marvel clear edition of the Nokia 9, but maybe a completely transparent Nokia 9 in JRE style would look even better. What do you think? 🙂

Thanks Vanja for the tip. 🙂