Check out the Nokia 9 PureView prototype back cover

Nokibar forum on Chinese Baidu network is a nice place to visit for every Nokia aficionados. There is a lot of mostly Nokia related stuff to see, and sometimes first photos of yet unreleased Nokia phones get there before other well-known leakers manage to reveal it to the world. The same happened with the glass back cover of what it looks like an early prototype of Nokia 9 PureView. There you can see that Nokia Mobile played with the classic fingerprint reader at the back. Now we know that this solution would be much better. OK, it wouldn’t look so up to date but would work well. Also, those copper ring decorations around camera holes do look great, even though there would be some design inconsistencies since the LED hole wouldn’t have it. Anyway, Nokia 9 PureView would also look awesome in black with copper details.

I am not sure why HMD didn’t follow this design. Maybe they couldn’t place the induction coil for wireless charging because of the scanner, or the frame wouldn’t be sturdy enough. However, I wouldn’t mind the classic fingerprint reader on the back. Maybe the next Nokia 9 PV version won’t be needing the classic fingerprint reader since HMD will acquire better in-display fingerprint readers.


Source Baidu Nokibar