Nokia DT-500 wireless charger available in Germany

Nokiamobile is very shy when releasing new official Nokia accessories, and when it finally happens those accessories can hardly be found in shops. At MWC2019 Nokiamobile launched two new wireless chargers, smaller and more classic one DT-10W and larger DT-500 which can also serve as a power bank. While DT-10W can already be purchased on Amazon, DT-500 is nowhere to be found. Well, until now. This rather big wireless charger can be bought at for €54. This charger packs 4,520 mAh battery that can provide one charging cycle wirelessly or over the USB/USB-C cable. The output is 5V, and you can monitor the battery status thanks to the LED display on the side of a charger.
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play a bit with DT-500, but we did check DT-10W what you can see here.


Nokia used to make this kind of chargers during the era of Lumia phones, and this one does remind me a bit of my old Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate that I used for charging the Lumia 920. That one also had the 5V output, but the battery capacity was just 2400 mAh. Time changes quickly, right. Nokia DT-500 does seem like a nice accessory, but there are wireless charging plates that have a higher output and bigger batteries installed. But they don’t look as good :).


Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip 😉