Evleaks: Nokia 3V coming to Verizon Wireless

Nokia 3.2

At the beginning of the year, HMD Global announced a return to North American, or more precise, US carrier market by releasing Nokia 2V via Verizon Wireless and Nokia 3.1 Plus (that’s different than the global 3.1 Plus) for Cricket Wireless. Considering the price tags of both Devices ($69 and $129) and similar devices carriers offer, they both seem like a solid deal.

One of the earliest rumors about the Nokia 2.1 being available via Verizon as Nokia 2V was posted by Evleaks, and today again Mr. Evan Blass shares more info about another Nokia phone that should be available on the Big Red. The phone will be called Nokia 3V and that’s all Evleaks shared at the moment.


Nokia 3V could be Nokia 3.1 or, what would make much more sense, Nokia 3.2, hopefully the 3GB/32GB memory option that comes with the fingerprint sensor. Nokia 3.1 will soon (in May) celebrate a year since launch, so it wouldn’t be ideal to keep a last gen device on the US market. Though, it is possible. The rumor for Nokia 2.1V appeared 3 months before the phone officially landed on Verizon’s network, so I think that the 3V is most likely Nokia 3.2. We’ll see once the device is announced, but it’s certainly a good sign that Verizon wants another Nokia phone.

Note: The title picture is Nokia 3.2, but we don’t know if Nokia 3V is the Verizon version of Nokia 3.2.