Miracast enabled for Nokia phones with Android 9 Pie

Miracast, like Chrome Cast, is a way of transferring the content of your smartphone screen to the smart TV over WiFi network. The difference between Miracast and Chromecast is that Miracast works both ways, while Chromecast is just a receiver. Google disabled the Miracast protocol, but the latest version of Android brought back that option on Nokia smartphones. According to post on Nokia community forum made by Burning Astronaut, it seems that you can again use casting from your Nokia phone onto devices that support Miracast. Bare in mind that your Nokia device should support Miracast too.
I don’t have any device that supports Miracast protocol for casting the screen content natively so I can’t verify this info, but another Nokia forum member (Anirban Banerjee) said that casting works natively on his Sony Bravia TV.

To cast your screen on PC or some other TV you’ll have to buy a Miracast dongle, but then again you can use Chromecast. Anyways, this is a biggie, and I like it because features like this should be given to the end user, not blocked to promote some other form of casting.

To check if your phone is WiFi direct certified, go here.