New Nokia smartphone TA-1131 passes CCC certification in China

Almost three months have passed since we saw a Nokia phone being certified by CCC in China, but as the end of the year is getting near and the market expects to see some Nokia flagship, Chinese agency CCC certified a new, unknown Nokia phone under the model number TA-1131.

This is the first time we see TA-1131 mentioned in any database online. The phone was registered yesterday, on 31st August. Other info we know from the certificate is that the phone supports fast charging, which means we are talking about a mid to high end smartphone.

Usually, after a phone gets certified by CCC, it soon appears at TENAA, where we can see the specs and the pictures. HMD still doesn’t say when the next Nokia phone announcement will be, so it will be interesting to see if the info will leak before that. We have to give it to HMD this time, because no real leaks about the upcoming phones appeared, especially if we compare that to the information flow of unannounced competitor smartphones.

via: GSMArena

Source: CCC