Nokia 8 Sirocco qualified as a YouTube Signature Device 2019


What is the best smartphone for viewing YouTube videos? If you go to YouTube Signature Devices page, you’ll find that the best device is Galaxy Note 9. But, so is the Nokia 8 Sirocco which just entered the list of the world’s best smartphones according to the YouTube Device Report site.

According to YouTube, these smartphones can deliver the best-in-class YouTube experience by combining next-generation technologies. To become Signature Device, a specific smartphone must support high dynamic range, high frame rate, reliable DRM performance, 4K decoding, and use next-generation video codecs. Nokia 8 Sirocco is well qualified to deliver the best viewing experiences since it has sharp 1440p AMOLED screen, except it is curved a bit too much for me.

The only problem I found there on the YouTube pages is that Sirocco doesn’t have a Snapdragon 845, but having Snapdragon 835 is not crucial for watching YouTube videos.


Source Youtube


Thanks MichealsoftSirFaceFone for the tip 😉