Review: MOZO Fabric and leather case for Nokia 7 plus

Finnish accessories maker MOZO recently launched the new Helsinki collection of protective cases. The new collection is aimed at various devices, like the iPhone X, Huawei P20, iPhone 7 & 8, but it also includes cases for Nokia 6.1, 7 plus and 8 Sirocco.

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been using the Nokia 7 plus protected by “Fabric and leather” case from MOZO’s Helsinki collection. We got the “light grey” and the “dark” case for Nokia 7 plus. The cases are made of fiber and leather. The lower part is soft Spanish (sheep) leather, while the upper part is fabric. The cases are made in Europe and MOZO says that they “aimed for making it as environmental friendly as possible.”

The cases are thin, but not super thin like the “Ultra Slim” collection, but they feel more durable and premium, thanks to the high quality of materials used compared to “Ultra Slim” collection. The fabric part of the case has a soft texture and it feels like that part of the case knitted on a micro level. In the first few days of use, I felt the fabric peeling a bit from both cases (which I guess is normal for this kind of material), but after a week of usage this isn’t that noticeable anymore.

The leather part is solid with a nice texture, especially the black leather. The “light grey” case with light brown leather looks extremely attractive, but I had a hard time keeping the leather in its original color. Just a few days after using the leather went from light brown to the less attractive dark brown. Some may find that color change irrelevant, but I couldn’t, so most of the time I decided to cover the Nokia 7 plus with the “dark” case. 

Overall, the two “Fabric and leather” cases do a good job in protecting the phone, not adding too much in size, are attractive-looking and are made with premium materials. The Helsinki collection is Made in Europe, so the quality of cases should be higher than the standard case you can buy from China, but the color of the light brown leather going dark and minor peeling issues are something that you don’t expect to see on a premium case with “Made in Europe” tag.

The Nokia 7 plus comes with a silicone case that gets the job done in protecting the beautiful and well-built 7 plus. The case included in the box is transparent, but it will surely turn yellow with time. The most economical way of protecting your phone is ordering a few such cases, that cost a dollar or two, and using them until they don’t turn yellow.

If you want to protect your device with something better looking and made from premium materials, Mozo comes in question. The Nokia 7 plus “Fabric and leather” cases cost €28.90, which is, to be honest, a high price, but the cases are made in Europe and come with premium materials backing the price. The “Fabric and leather” dark case can be purchased via MOZO’s online store with worldwide shipping HERE, while you can find the more attractive light grey version HERE.

Mozo Helsinki Collection