June security patch for Oreo corrupts Nokia 7 plus on Android P

You might have noticed that Stipe and I never encouraged you to install some unknown, untested or beta software. There are many reasons for that, but basically, I don’t like owning a bricked phone and believe that is your way of thinking too. If the beta test of some software like Oreo Beta for Nokia 3, Nokia 6 or Nokia 8 is out trough Nokia beta test, I’ll install it and tell you how it behaves, but when there is a possibility of getting Android P on your Nokia 7 plus, well I won’t be encouraging you to install it, and here is why.

Beebom reported that Nokia Mobile accidentally delivered system corrupted June security patch meant for Oreo, to the users of Nokia 7 plus that installed the super beta Android P. What happened later is that June security patch corrupted their system what ultimately created many other problems for the users of 7 plus. Users had to hard-reset their phone to make it work again, what probably reminded them of good old Nokia Lumia phones running latest builds of WP10.

Anyway, after the hard reset, they would be brought back to Android 8.1 and couldn’t get Android P once again. No official fix has been given, nor Nokia Mobile published any official notice.
Guys, be careful when using the beta software because you can screw up your phones like I did with Nokiamob’s twitter account ;).