Nokia TA-1057 and TA-1063 passed FCC

As we are getting closer to May 29th and announcement of new Nokia devices, more info about them started surfacing on the web. Two variants of the same unknown Nokia device, under the model numbers TA-1057 and TA-1063 have passed the FCC certification. We already saw these model numbers, alongside Nokia TA-1049, TA-1074, TA-1070, passing Bluetooth SIG, which revealed Bluetooth 4.2 support, which suggest that the device in question is a category (or more) below the new Nokia 6.

Papers from the FCC certification show that TA-1063 and TA-1057 support NFC, come with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 2900mAh battery. Nokia TA-1057 is single SIM, while the TA-1063 is dual SIM. The screenshot of the certificate made on the device has a 2:1 ratio, suggesting a 18:9 display on the device.

Considering that we hear about possible Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 successors ready for announcement, maybe this is one of them. We also saw some Fabula-like housing leaked from China, with the Nokia and Android One logo recently.

The next announcement of Nokia phones is pretty soon – on 29th May in Moscow. This will be a bussy month for HMD, because we already saw the Nokia X6 announced in China and it will be interesting to see if the device will go global.

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