Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1 launched in Malaysia at interesting price points

Nokia 1 and Nokia 7 Plus were launched in Malaysia, with interesting prices, and with some interesting goodies. Nokia 1, HMD’s first phone on Android GO platform designed specifically for 1GB of RAM phones, is priced at RM339, or approximately €70.

This is a rather cool pricing, and besides that, Nokia 1 will be coming with one extra XpressOn cover in the box. At least while the limited stock lasts. The phone will be available from April 13 in Warm Red and Blue colour.

Nokia 7 Plus is priced competitively at RM1699, or €355, which is a fair price for HMD’s first 6-inch device with powerful dual camera setup on its back. Malaysians interested in this device will be able to buy it bundled with cool limited-edition photography kit for additional RM300, or €62. The kit contains BT tripod, fisheye, wide and macro lens and tempered glass protection for the screen. Nokia 7 Plus will be available there from April 20.

Nokia used to sell its devices in bundles before, and it is a good thing to attract more customers. Also, if the extras are good quality products, it will help promote the device even better. Here in Europe, Nokia 7 Plus will be sold with JBL earphones (France) or Google Mini (Italy), which is also a great way to improve the sales.

Via ThatTechyThing