Video: Nokia posts new promo video of its beautifully designed Nokia WiFi

Nokia has published another promotional video for its latest networking product, Nokia WiFi. This beautifully designed product is a solution for bad home WiFi network. It consists of the main router (gateway) and beacons that will help you cover every part of your home with WiFi. The product isn’t just beautiful, but it’s also capable of providing fast and reliable connection to the internet and automatically solve potential network problems along the way.

Nokia WiFi is accompanied by a Nokia WiFi app that is not available yet in the Google Play store. App serves as a unique monitoring site for a home network.

Check out the latest video below.

It seems that this product is aimed at network operators and not the classic consumer market. It would be nice to test it to see how good Nokia’s solution is. Nokia WiFi will be available from June 2018, and the price is still not available. Check more about the product at Nokia pages.

By the way, I noticed that Nokia is now using black/anthracite colored logo more on its latest products. It does look good on Nokia WiFi though (and on latest boxes of Nokia Health products, even though Nokia blue logo would look nice also).