LinkedIn: HMD in search for Imaging Roadmapping Lead

We heard some super crazy rumours about HMD and Foxconn working on next superb Nokia smartphone.This could easily be true, since Juho Sarvikas mentioned numerous times that HMD is investing much into imaging and that we will see some of that investments in the future.

HMD did licence some of Nokia’s vast number of patents but we are still not sure about imaging. We can see that HMD is working as much as it can on image quality improvement, but that specific area can be improved even more.


HMD is actually searching for an Imaging Roadmapping Leader, or the person that will be working on the development of game changing technologies in the imaging area. The role of that person would be in creation of strategies for the further development of camera, gallery, VR and AR across the portfolio. This person would be possible to establish a RoadMapping Imaging team that could deliver world class devices with great imaging capabilities.


This job sounds perfect and would be great if some Nokia veteran like Damian Dinning applied ?. Maybe readers of Nokiamob could qualify, he he. If you were Roadmapping leader, what would be your moves?

Thanks Muerte for a tip