Video: Meet Santa with Nokia, VR and 5G

Things Nokia has been emphasising recently is definitely 5G and VR. Even though Nokia stopped the development of new OZO hardware, it’s still interested in the usage scenarios of VR. Nokia and Finnish operator Telia coupled to do a clever demonstration of 5G and VR in the Christmas spirit. After Nokia, Santa Claus is probably the most famous thing originating from Finland, so Nokia and Telia organized a VR livestream for a group of children from Espoo to Santa Claus in Lapland. Check the video down below.


Video description:

Just before Christmas, a group of children from Espoo, Finland, visited Santa’s workshop in Lapland virtually using Nokia´s OZO Live virtual reality solution. The broadcast was delivered from Lapland to a 5G network at the Nokia Campus in Espoo. Santa answered children’s questions, and they were able to virtually visit Santa’s workshop as if they would have personally been there. The trial was a great example of the possibilities of 5G technology as it enables new services and experiences.

Seeing Santa will be a wish come true with VR, but I feel that Santa is a special person, because of the secrecy that surrounds him. Do you agree? Tell us down below. 🙂

Source: Nokia Press release

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