Nokia 5 RAM management bug still present on Oreo Beta *UPDATED*

One of the most annoying experiences I had been going through while using the Nokia 5 (probably a month now) as my primary device, is the RAM management bug that basically kills background apps. The OS doesn’t keep the apps in RAM properly, and every time I bring an app from the open apps view it refreshes. This bug was noticed after the Android 7.1.2 update, that was released a month and half ago, and the problem was reported on Nokia’s Community Forums.

Demo of the bug on Android 7.1.2 (same on Oreo beta)


HMD Global fixed this issue for users in India via an OTA update. Nokia phones sold in India are also made in India, while the rest of the world (excluding Indonesia and Vietnam), uses phone made in China. That means that differences between frimware exists and the update process is different. The update for users in India was released late last month, and I personally had hopes that the Oreo update or December monthly update, whichever comes first, would fix the issue.

After downloading Oreo Beta from Nokia’s Beta Labs for the Nokia 5, I was happy that the bug was fixed. But my happiness faded away after roughly 12 hours, when the RAM management problem kicked in again. The error has been submitted to the Support team, Community forums and the feedback app on Nokia 5 with Oreo Beta. Hopefully, the final version of Oreo or the planed December security update for Nougat running device will fix this bug, because it’s sometimes unbearable.

Update: The cause of the problem has been identified, and will be fixed with the next update (Thanks vanye for the tip :)).