Video: Zack from JerryRigEverything teardowned the #Nokia 8

Zack from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, rigged the Nokia 8. Actually, after he tested its durability, where he learned that Nokia 8 is a durable phone, he dismantled it to see how its internals are designed and how hard is it to repair it.

What I like about the phone is how HMD made it durable by tightening the cables with a bracket, and strong by attaching the motherboard with 19 screws. Well, that gives us the answer why HMD used Aluminum 6000 series, which was the main actor in the iPhone’s bendgate affair – because they know how to make a durable phone.

Zack said that the screen will be easy to replace, but it should be done by an expert. Additionally, he said that Nokia 8 has the biggest heat pipe seen on any mobile phone, and that it is mostly positioned behind the battery, probably to cool her much efficiently while charging. The processor is also cooled down by the heat pipe, but the heat is collected with the graphite plate and then transferred to the pipe.


At the end Zack said that it is not the easiest phone to repair, but it is quite simple to replace the display and the battery which is enough for a thumbs up from him.