Rumors: About Nokia 7 and 9, and the successor of the Nokia 8 – codenamed B2

Nokia 8 was practically just announced, and launched earlier this month, and we already have rumors about the successor of the 8, a device currently codenamed B2. Also, new rumors about Nokia 7 and 9 appeared, but as always, we have to point out that these information cannot be verified, so we all should take it with a pinch of salt.

VTechgraphy reports that on the Chinese Baidu forums new info emerged about the Nokia 7, Nokia 9, and the successor of the Nokia 8 – device codenamed B2.

Rumors about the Nokia 7 say that the phone should be announced in China next month. It could be under the model number TA-1041 or TA-1042, that we saw recently pass CCC certification. Nokia 7 should feature Snapdragon 630 platform in three configurations: 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage; and 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The device should also have USB Type C and the Dual-Sight option from Nokia 8. About the 9, the source says that it’s spec-wise close to Nokia 8, but with a curved screen, which is in line with previous rumors.

Nokia 9 (leaked panel, front and back sketch based on rumors)

The most interesting piece of information is something about the successor of the Nokia 8; about the Nokia 8 (2018), that is rumored to be codenamed B2. HMD B2 is a lamp, shows the Internet, but the B2 could also represent the B2-Spirit, American famous Stealth Bomber. The B2 should come with rounded corners and an all-screen design, with a back similar to the one on the rumored Nokia 9. B2 is not a typical HMD codename – for example, the 6 was codenamed “Plate”. But, FIH Mobile uses such nomenclature and they called the Nokia 6 D1C, so it could be their internal name for the next year’s 8. It’s worthy to point out that Nokia 8 was, in fact, supposed to be announced in June this year, and not August, so it’s not strange that there is already some talk about a successor.

I have to say again, these are just rumors and we cannot confirm anything mentioned above, but still, we can have a discussion 🙂 Tell us what you think about the rumors down below. I also made a meme of a B2 bomber droping the 3310 3G units as bombs 😀 Take a look below.

via: VTechgraphy

source: Baidu 1, Baidu 2