#Nokia could make #5G a reality in 2019

Rajeev Suri, the CEO of the Nokia, gave a speech at the MWCA2017, or the Mobile World Congress America, where he talked about the role of Nokia in the deliverance of the 5G networks. He said that Nokia will enable the world to experience the fourth industrial revolution that 5G networks will bring us much faster. He believes that the first commercial deployments will start in 2019 and large-scale trials next year. The productivity jump that 5G networks will bring are going to be seen in the next 10 years, and in the USA it will happen somewhere between the 2028 and 2035.

Nokia and Qualcomm are already collaborating on the wide-scale mobile 5G deployments. Nokia is also working closely with Telefonica to help this carrier transition toward 5G, but also with upgrade of its current network to 4.5G and 4.9G. This will definitely help make the 5G a commercial reality.

Maybe the first thing that will change because of the 5G could be television. Nokia demonstrated recently how it thinks it will change in the wonderful video that shows future not so far away. Additionally, VR that is already available will be improved greatly with the 5G networks. We will be able to enjoy live streams of spectacles like football championships, concerts and nice drone images on 5G TV sets and mobile phones.


Nokia is in a great position to shape the future and dominate the 5G world ahead of us. But, to stay ahead of competition it needs to continue with the innovations that can be implemented in everyday life.


What do you guys think, does Nokia have power to lead the 5G revolution?


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