@Evleaks: ZEISS logo on Nokia 8 positioned between camera and Laser/LED flash opening

To redeem itself for the being late with Nokia 6, HMD Global is planning to reveal a cheaper flagship model Nokia 8 according to the latest rumours. Flagship model is what most of the tech advanced Nokia fans were waiting for and Nokia 8 could make most of their dreams come true. I’m saying that because Nokia 8 is going to be coming with ZEISS camera optics that many rumours suggested. On the previous leaks, we didn’t know where will the ZEISS logo be positioned and @evleaks has just did that. He, as always before, published a little teaser that revealed the position of the ZEISS logo to be between dual camera setup and LED/laser focusing openings. Another info that was unbelievable was the supposed date when Nokia 8 is going to be presented to the world, July 31. According to this photo and previous leaks, the media photos are already being sorted out and we are now just 12 days apart from the introduction of the Nokia 8.

Another thing leaked here is the colour of the device that looks great. Actually, we know that copper version could be available, and on this photo it looks great.