*UPDATE* Rumors: #Nokia #NSeries device will be announced at #MWC. #HMD relaunching the #3310

*Update* 10.02.

While the info about the NSERIES trademark and the possible release of renewed Nokia 3310 is, and might be true, in respect, the photo of alleged Nseries Nokia phone and N series logo seen at the same photo  for sure isn’t. Our friends from Vtechgraphy just informed us that unnamed Chinese phone maker used this particular photo to get the needed attention over a Nokia name for the prominent release of their phone. So, there probably won’t be any Nokia Nseries phone at the MWC2017, but who knows what the future and HMD Global will bring to us.

Some very interesting information come from China. As reported by Vtechgraphy, Nokia NSeries trademark appeared in China’s legal office. Even though the last NSeries smartphone was the N9 in 2011, with the N1 tablet in 2015, the N Series trademark was renewed last year.

At the same time, information about an N Series smartphone surfaced on Baidu. The original poster claims that the product passed evaluation stage, and will be introduced by the end of this month. More pleasant is the claim that the initial production target is 500,000 units, which should be OK to cover the first weeks of sale. Also, a photo of the device, and the N Series trademark was posted, but, apart from N Series, it is hard to recognize anything on the photo. Snapdragon 6xx was mentioned as the processor, so it should be a mid-to-high range device.

Next up, VTechgraphy received the information that HMD is preparing a modern Nokia 3310. Apart from being a feature phone and successor of the legendary 3310, nothing more is known.

It’s a good thing that HMD, if true, decided to play on nostalgia with the N Series or the 3310. Some of the most iconic devices in history were part of the N Series, and the 500,000 units big first batch should be enough, but we know that last years Nokia always had logistic issues.

HMD will introduce new devices on 26th February at MWC17 in Barcelona.

Source: Baidu